Micah, Crowder, and Bart

Date night!

I love those moments with my wife, just walking through the streets of New York City, heading to a restaurant, a show or a concert.  It can be difficult to make time for just spending time with your wife among the weekly rushed family moments.

Just a few hours can rekindle your love, talk about fun memories while also creating new memories.

On this particular evening in October, I had bought tickets for an evening with MercyMe – one of my wife’s favorite artists.  And to be fair, they are a great band and have made a lot of fantastic tracks that I’ve shared on my site already.

Making the evening even more special, the concert was in Radio City, a place we’ve also wanted to visit.  Now we had a perfect evening with awesome music at an awesome venue.

To our amazement, there were other surprises in line for us.

Not only were we being treated with excellent music by MercyMe, but the warmup bands were none other than Micah Tyler and Crowder.

Some of you might not be familiar with Micah or Crowder unless you are listening to Christian music.  Both we are great individuals, and deliver heartwarming messages through their music – and they are excellent entertainers.

If you are not familiar with these artists, check them out on iTunes or Spotify.

We enjoyed some of their more popular tracks like “Different”, “Even Then”, Forgiven”, “Red Letters” and “Run Devil Run”.  They really warmed up the audience, and we were all clapping and singing along.

When MercyMe took to the stage, we were in for a treat.  The next almost two hours were spent listing to some of their greatest songs, storytelling by Bart, laughter, and crying.  Not crying of sadness but because of happiness.

The beauty of Christian music and concerts is that they all have messages of happiness, hope, and generally awesome messages.  And, the audience is all there for the same reason, to enjoy these messages and the music.

Throughout the concert, I would glance over at my beautiful wife and see her smile.  She was swept away by the lyrics, music, and atmosphere.  I realized that I love her even more and that I’m blessed to be with this woman.

We are not the big dancers or singers, but we still clapped along and mimed to some of the more famous tunes.

Look up “I can only imagine“, “Even if”, “Flawless“, “Best news ever”  and their latest track called “Almost home“.

Oh man!  “Almost home” was amazing and I must admit that I squeezed a little tear listening to the lyrics and thinking over my own story.  I can relate to their message.

The concert ended with a great “Amazing Grace” cover, and as the band left the stage the audience continued to sing.  That gave me goosebumps.

As we walked back towards the car, I squeezed my wife’s hand a little extra, we smiled at each other and were happy that we got an opportunity to hang out, and listening/seeing some great bands.

We can highly recommend putting date nights on the calendar.  Hang out with your significant other, and just enjoy each others company.

I know that I cannot force you to listen to certain music, but you should absolutely explore Christian bands.  You do not have to go to church several times a week, pray daily to enjoy the messages and the quality of songs released by these great artists.

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