Netflix Netflix Netflix

There’s no denying it, Netflix is awesome and you can binge-watch a lot of great shows, a lot of weird shows and then just some awful shows.  Only the internet connection and bandwidth is your enemy.

During cold evenings, Saturday mornings under the blanket, winter storms, couch potato nights … Netflix is right by your side.  Just reach out and pick a show to watch … if you can find a show or a movie amongst all the options.

From personal experience, Netflix can also be a complete bore and a jungle of choices.  Especially if you are confined to an armchair or bed for lengthy periods.

I was stuck in my awesome LaZ-Boy armchair for almost two months, not being able to move around much, not allowed to drive, not working and home alone while kids were at school and while my wife was working (from home).

I did try reading a book, several books actually, but my mind started to drift towards the negative side and I started to worry too much.  I couldn’t focus on the stories I read.

So, turning on the TV and launching Netflix became my salvation.  It also became my curse as I now became obsessed with the next episode of a show, and I took binge-watching to the next level.

My teenage daughter can binge-watch her strange shows over a few days or weeks, whereas I could complete a season in a day.

It was insane.  It was cool.  It was sad!

But, it saved me and made me focus on other things and less on my medical challenges.  Not sure I would give Netflix an award, but nevertheless, it helped me get through the dark moments of my recovery.

Please be mindful of your screen time, and do not let your kids spend hours or days in front of Netflix.  We have parental controls enabled to limit their binge-watching abilities.  We as parents need to manage their screen time, what they watch and make sure they learn to be a kid too by playing with toys, reading, running outside and just have fun.

Netflix will easily steal hours of your life, so we careful and mindful of the Devil’s spawn 🙂

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