Hearty New Eating

The dietician told me about all the stuff I should no longer eat, or at least significantly reduce the intake of those foods.  It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially as I really love food.  But, if we really want to recover and live longer, then we need to make certain changes.  And to be fair, many things we eat daily are not good for us, or we eat too much of it.  You know, change can be good too.

My healthy eating journey started rather abruptly, literally the day I arrived home from ICU, and still in the darkest room of the mentally fragile basement room.

With all the right intentions, my wife power boiled whatever vegetables we had in the fridge, and showed a bowl of overcooked vegetable broth on my lab.  It was full of love but unfortunately lacked any kind of flavor, taste, and would’ve been awesome if I was a stranded seal.

The only thing that rushed through my head at that point was; shot me now or I have to cook myself going forward.  I obviously went with the latter, and that’s when my hearty eating journey started.

What is really frightening is that I lost 50+ lbs in just 5 months, without any kind of exercise.  It was just from eating healthier, eating smarter and watching my portion sizes.

When you make that change, and see the weight drop, then you realize that we’ve been overindulging in food and unhealthy habits too long and that the food we eat is not good for us.

How my diet changed?

I eat poultry and seafood, no salt, plenty of vegetables and stay away from sugary dishes – and no sodas.  But most importantly, my portion sizes have reduced significantly.

Salt is your worst enemy.  Dried food options like noodles, canned foods, and processed foods often contain more sodium per serving than what you should be eating the entire day.

I spend many hours researching healthy food options on the internet.  When I find suitable dishes, I modify them to suit my eating habits, and the results are often very delicious plates that even my kids enjoy.

The biggest sacrifice was removing coffee … but the awesome guys at Black Rifle Coffee Company also have a great tasting decaf option.

By removing all these foods, I’ve discovered that I no longer have headaches.  I guess that’s an extra added benefit, and also a stark reminder that what we eat determines our body’s reaction.

I’ve found some great recipe books that I will be reviewing soon – with recipes from all over the World, and super healthy.

Our lives are controlled and impacted by what we eat, not by aliens 🙂

Do you have any healthy food stories?

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