Song of the Day – Chasing Cars

Where were you 12 years ago when this track hit all the charts?

Are you one of those fanatic Grey Anatomy followers?  Then you would remember it was played in season two, episode 27, as a devastated Izzie lays in her pink prom dress next to Denny in his hospital bed after he has died from a stroke.

Well, two years earlier, I was attending the U2 Vertigo tour, in Dublin (Ireland) with great friends.  Yes, this song was not out at that time, but Snow Patrol was starting to hit the charts and big in Celtic parts of Northern Europe – they are from Northern Ireland and Scotland, so almost homegrown Irish band.

It’s a great track although it does have some moodiness to it.  It’s a love song and the title ‘Chasing Cars’ is something the lead singer’s dad said to him when he was chasing after a certain girl.  It’s always fun to learn more about songs, right?

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