A New Door Opened

It has already been two months ago since I left the comfort and security of KPMG.  21 years of my life invested in KPMG, and it in return also invested in me.

One has to appreciate the opportunities that are presented in your daily jobs.  You have to work for it and you have to earn your advancements.  Nothing really comes for free and if you do not advance in your career, then it is not always the organization’s fault.

You own your career.  You have to shape it.  You have to plan it=, and then you have to take opportunities when presented.  And, sometimes you have to seek opportunities to show your value to the leadership.

It’s all well and good when these inspirational coaches tell you how and what to do, and that you need to demand promotions by telling your boos what to do.  Few of them seem to understand that you are contracted to work and that your efforts will provide the rewards, not posters or Instagram memes.

I fully appreciate that many younger people expect instant recognition and do not understand that it may take a few years to get the role you want.  We can’t all be managers 🙂

I worked my way up through KPMG, and was grateful for every opportunity and invested time and effort into my career.

  • Did I want more? Sure!
  • Did I feel that I sometimes was overlooked? Absolutely!
  • Was it always fun?  Hell no!

But I did not quit KPMG because of challenges, I quit because I wanted to fulfill my own career aspiration. Unfortunately, that was not possible within KPMG, so I had to seek new challenges outside KPMG.

While reflecting on what I was aiming for, a job posting caught my attention.  I applied for the job, not overly confident I would get it, but it was a step upwards and hitting all my career aspirations.

I’ll share more details about the process later, but I was obviously successful and as such a new chapter in my life story.  One could say it is an Open Door some new exciting chapters of my life.

It’s a new industry.  I have to learn new terminology, and I get the awesome opportunity to help support the growth and digital transformation of a company with a great mission.

I’m proud to take on the reigns of the IT department within Open Door Family Medical Centers, which provide families with affordable and excellent health care.

We have several clinics, dental vans and also school-based medical support.  It provides services to 58000 patients in Westchester County (NY state) and has a superb leadership team that wants to drive it forward to get even better.

I’m so excited for all the new projects ahead of us, and how each of these will, directly and indirectly, impact the care and services we provide to patients.  Stuff we do in the IT department can be seen and felt by staff, and patients, and that does build a sense of pride.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to rebuild IT by increasing the team, but also strengthen the current team with technical skills, support, and leadership.  We have a great team and we will do great things.  We are building a healthy IT 🙂

Each day for the past 2 months has been filled with positiveness, new projects, meeting people and starting to make a difference.  Everyone is so positive and supportive.  It makes it such a pleasure driving to work every day.

Change Can Be Good!

We have to make changes sometimes.  It can be daunting, but if you review risks, consider options and make plans, then it will be alright.  Grass can be greener on the other side.

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