Prayers for a Heart

It was with sadness, and yet I was filled with op[timism when I read on my best childhood friend’s Facebook page that his daughter is in need of a new heart.

I cannot imagine or contemplate going through such trials with your own daughter, and the pure strength in his family is immense.

One thing is when you go through a heart ordeal yourself, as an adult, but to see your precious child having to suffer and fight, and at times that can make you feel so completely powerless.

All I can do is reach out to him and offer my prayers, thoughts, and support … even if it is from afar.  The long-distance, unfortunately, does not allow me to swing by and provide some comfort, so all I can do is offer a virtual shoulder.

My heart adventure was very different, and theirs will be difficult for me to comprehend.  I do not think many families can or want to deal with such challenges.

The optimism is that she’s being looked after by some of the best heart surgeons in the world and that she is getting excellent care.  The family is surrounding her with love and hope, and prayers I’m sure, and that will help her make this go by quicker.

As I’ve said in previous posts, the family is key to recovery, and so are friends.  We cannot dwell on the negative as it does not help in the recovery.  Fear is a liar, and we cannot give in to the dark thoughts.

Please join me in sending prayers and positive thoughts to the family.  She is a true heart warrior and will get through this.

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