Bethel Music Worship Night

As you might have noticed in some of my posts, I’m sharing music that I like, and which keep me sane throughout my ordeal … and just help keep me going with daily routines, parental stress, workloads, and mental struggling.

Bethel Music is one of those ‘bands’ that we enjoy listening to.  Their music and lyrics are inspiring, they provide you with a source of strength and they have some fabulous voice.

We have many of their albums and many of their tracks feature on family playlists.

When the opportunity came along to see them live, I bought five tickets.  Not many thoughts or debates, it was an impulse purchase.  We had to see these guys live.

Now, I know that they are a Christian group, with some roots in 7th Day Adventist, but I don’t really care about their affiliation or perhaps different views on certain aspects of the Bible.  In the end, we believe in the same God and worship him equally.  What matters to me is the music, the lyrics and the pure joy they share.

Bethel Music is a community of worshippers pursuing the presence of God and sharing life together.

The evening arrived, and we spent over two hours getting the venue in Brooklyn; King’s Theatre.  We crawled through busy NYC (busy as always), all while Bethel music was blasting on the car stereo.

It as going to be a long/late evening for the kids, as the concert started at 7pm, and these bands normally play for 3+ hours.

First of all, the King’s Theatre is an amazing looking venue.  Beautiful carvings, lights, and just the feeling that you are in an old school theatre.  Very nice.

We found seats and were ready to be blown away.

Like any of the Christian inspired bands, their concerts are also worship nights, where they share the word of the Gospels and praise the Lord.  That’s part of the package and we are totally cool with that, and enjoy those moments too.

Bethel Music shared some of their hits (see below) and the audience went bonkers.  They were shouting, praising, praying jumping, laughing and having a time of their life.

Compared to some more rock concerts I’ve attended, the mood and friendliness of people at a Bethel Music concert is totally opposite.  Everyone is there for the same purpose; experiencing different worship, praise the Lord and enjoy the music.

Bethel Music delivered!

It did get a little weird, for me at least, when they started to talk about healing.  It reminded a bit of Fletch Lives where he’s attending one of these mega church events, pretending to heal people.

However, I did not let that distract my experience and I did not judge Bethel Music.  This is something that is strong and something that will help people heal, then more power to them.

People received prayers, and I do hope that they overcome their afflictions.

I can certainly recommend going to a Bethel Music concert.  It is powerful and music is great.  Tickets are inexpensive, and so are their merchandises.

Kids enjoyed it as well, although they fell asleep quickly in the car on the way home, and we arrived home at around midnight.

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