Hillsong United at the Garden

Not everybody might know Hillsong.  But I’m certain people have heard some of their very catching and wonderful tunes that have flown from the speakers, from local radio stations.

Their songs carry Christian messages of love, faith, hope, and healing.  It’s what we are all looking for, even if we might not admit it.

Some months ago, we had the opportunity to see Hillsong United in concert.  The venue, Madison Square Garden.

That should indicate something about the crowds they can pull and that people around the Globe are seeking this new form of worship.

As you read in my review of the Bethel Music event, Hillsong United also offers worship.  However, their praises and sermons are not as prominent as Bethel Music, but still strong messages about love.

We brought the family to witness this event, and we had excellent seats.  Full view of the arena and full view of the stage.

Let the worship and love begin!

From the beginning, the audience was fully involved.  They sang along to the famous tunes, they raised their arms to offer prayers to the World, and it was a joyous feeling to be part of this amazing event.

Hillsong United played for 3+ hours.  It was full-on and an energetic crowd.  We had a blast and we shared the moment with thousands of fellow supports.

When the concert did wrap up, people were still energized.  While walking down the stairs and side streets, people were all singing the same song.  They (we) were mesmerized by the energy while singing ‘echoes’.

Judge for yourself – this is pure energy!

The music is good for you!

Music is healthy for you!

Music makes you happy!

Music heals the heart 🙂 

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