Do Not Carry the Burden

My wife shared an excellent TV series with me when I kicked off my recovery process.

It was an attempt to help me heal mentally, or at least help me deal with the situation I was in.  I can only state, that it really worked.

I love my wife for all the support she gives me daily, and without her positive approach, the desire to help me heal and her strength, I do not think I would be this far along.

Too often we carry around excessive luggage (mentally) and this extra weight will really hamper you as a person and will impact your life too much.

traveling lightTo my delight, Max Lucado has created a series on Pureflix, where he explores the topic of traveling light.  Not traveling light physically, but mentally.  We carry around all these burdens and they weigh us down; guilt, anxiety, grief, etc.

It is important that we face these burdens head on and shed them from our lives.  There’s very little we can do with them, so placing our trust with Jesus, or other a higher powers you believe in and accept that we cannot control our lives.

While watching Max Lucado go through various burdens, it really started to relieve me of my burdens.  Anxiety was one of them, although I carry a few extra luggage, and I have been getting stronger mentally.

Jesus might not have been part of my daily activities in the past, but I have accepted and welcomed him into my life.  It does not mean I’ve changed my life, it just means I have found a spiritual way of dealing with my burdens.

Yes, I’ve started to pray and I do feel different.  I’ve not had a vision of, or visit from Jesus, but that is not necessary in order to believe that someone is holding his hands over you and helping you heal.

I can certainly recommend watching “Traveling Light” series.  You may find comfort and healing as I did – or find some other way of dealing with your burdens.

Thank you, Max Lucado!

If you feel a need to talk or share your burdens, please reach out to me.


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