Do NOT Google it!

People are looking for weird stuff 🙂

People around the Globe turn to Google when they have questions.  Previously we searched for information on the World Wide Web, but these days we ‘Google’.  It has become a household name for finding anything.

Whether you are looking for information about the latest Pet names, strange fetishes, sports results, how to clean drains, change light bulbs, etc. Google is the go-to tool.

Warning – do not Google these things either!

Many people, including myself, would also Google answers to healthy options and magically hope that Google can provide some insights into the symptoms you have, and even provide diagnose and cure it.  It may seem far fetched, but we tend to seek out Google first before we seek out doctors.

We believe we now have the knowledge to challenge doctors, and recommend our own treatments, and even question the medication that doctors prescribe.

No wonder doctors roll their eyes in disbelief when patients start a conversation with “I read on Google that my symptoms are …”

My advice to anybody going through some serious health challenges, DO NOT use Google to find out what you might have.  It is the worst you can do in times where you are emotionally sensitive.

Google will 11 out of 10 times give you the worst case scenarios and grim outlooks.  It will freak you out and even push you toward depression and increased anxiety.

When I encountered my heart problems late last year, and after the first consultation with the doctors, I was stuck on Google for 2 days hoping to find a miracle cure and to learn more about my future possibilities.

I only found worst-case scenarios, stating my life was doomed, no hopes of recovery, additional complications, and I then turned to search for how to make out my will.  It literally turned my life upside-down, and my anxiety increased at an alarming rate, affecting my blood pressure and mental state.  I was in a doom n’ gloom place for days, and it was really hard to accept that I would not live beyond Christmas.

At least that is what Google made it sound like!

One day I had enough.  I could not take anymore depressing Google feedback and decided to listen to Max Lucado instead.  You might have read my posts about that experience, if not, go here.

I also decided to listen to my doctors instead and ask them more questions.

More importantly, from a mental perspective, I switched off Google and turned to Netflix.  It was time to take my mind off my medical situation and just let it happen; trust my doctors, my lifestyle change and my physical therapist.

Netflix allowed me to binge watch strange TV shows, all kinds of movies, and few required much thought.  It allowed me to distract my mind from my health issues, and instead rest as the doctor ordered.

Recently a colleague of mine reached out, as he is going through some personal medical challenges.  He is obviously very nervous and anxiously waiting for the results, and had turned to Google.

I immediately told him to stop Google symptoms, words and results he might have seen.  These mean nothing and he will only get the scary stories.  I told him to do what I did, switch off and turn to Netflix.  Binge some TV shows and just trust the medical teams.

There’s a reason it takes years to become a good doctor.  Trust them to find out what is going on with your body, and seek the second opinion if you doubt their findings.

Listen to your body and seek medical advice.  Do not seek Google advice!

Alternatively, talk to trusted family and friends, and they should hopefully help you through the emotional crisis you are going through.

If not, reach out to me and I’ll be happy to talk or write.


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