My Heart Is Healing

Almost 6 months to the date, and things are progressing well.

heart in centerI’ve been really strict with my diet, rest, medication and getting my steps in, to make sure that I would continue to improve.

It has been an emotional rollercoaster and been challenging at times to accept that my body is not as strong as it was a year ago.

One’s mortality comes into perspective, and what was a priority in the past has just been downgraded to important.

If we continue to carry around the burdens of life’s challenges, then we will never really relax and focus on what really matters.

Anyway, my life has changed for the better.  The diet has been a big improvement on my body and mentally I feel stronger.  Something positive is happening and I want it to continue, hence I’m dedicated to this new regime.

My next big milestone with my cardiologists came up, which always makes me a little nervous.  You never know if your body has taken a step back-up despite feeling well.  And when you have to take various tests you are afraid you are failing and new things might show up.

The day started with a quick lab visit to get my blood drawn.  Easy peasy!

Not a big fan of the “it’s just a pinch” before they gently insert the needle in the desperate search for my vein.  But, from my past experiences, this technician did a great job.  Hardly a pinch and sucking the blood was quick.

A few hours later I had my echo diagram appointment with the super friendly echo machinery operator.  She turns down the light, setting the mood, and gently rubs the warmed up gel on my chest.

Man, it sounds very sensual but it is rather nerve-wracking.  Remember, they are checking your heart rhythm, size, and other measures.  Any of these findings could easily change the treatment you are on, and the echo specialist was the same specialist who called the ambulance 6 months ago when this ordeal started.

30 minutes later and I was done.  Next step, my electro cardiologist.  That’s the guy who some months ago was adamant that I would need a pacemaker and/or ICD.  Back then, he kept saying when I get it installed and he smirked when I replied: “if I need to get it installed”.

2 months ago he was still not convinced that I was out of the woods, but today he came into the room with a grin on his face.  At first, I thought it would be bad news for me, but he smiled and said: “I’m discharging you”.  My heart had recovered well enough to no longer be a candidate for or requiring a pacemaker / ICD.

Man!  That was such a relief, and such good news.

Too bad my wife had to work that day so we couldn’t enjoy the news together.  The last visit of the day was my primary cardiologist.

Human-heart-with-message-Gaurd-Your-Heart-Tattoo-Design-by-Sam-PhillipsHe was equally cheerful and shared that my EF percentage had increased from the early 30s in mid-February to almost mid-40s, which is phenomenal in my book.  It means that I’m so close to being back to the normal performance of my heart.

And to make the news even better, he was surprised (and happy) to also share that my heart had decreased back to normal size.

This was truly an amazing morning and someone up above is surely looking after me and listening to my prayers.

I left the clinic with a big grin on my face and when I jumped into my big red truck I turned up the volume for my news favorite track by Zach Williams “Survivor”.

My heart is healing itself and I feel great.  Now it is just a matter of time until I reach the normal levels.

I am the heart warrior!

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