Holy Man

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What does it take to feel old?  Or even look old?

Another year has passed by and I’m still not the old and wise looking man I probably expected to be when I’m more than 41 years old.  Just like Sean Connery in Medicine Man.

Sometime I wonder if I will even get that Woodstock biker look that I see around here and that has inspired a generation of executives to get in touch with their wild side; long grey pony tale, ZZ Top length grey beard and wearing some awesome old boots – all while driving some oversized Harley.

My granddad was 73 when he passed away and he didn’t have a single grey hair.  My mother is also getting older, but I still haven’t spotted the grey locks.  That makes me wonder if I will have to colour my hair grey soon, just to be part of the gang.

My dear wife is gradually turning into Storm (X-men), which doesn’t make her less sexy, but I do notice people starring at us when walking around – they probably think it’s nice that she has a younger toy boy 🙂

beardeddudeI’m, with my wiser demeanour, developing a little more rebellious look.  It’s time I embrace my inner Duck Dynasty hillbilly, so I’ve been growing my red beard for some time now.  At least it makes me look a little older, and takes the attention away from my potbelly that I’ve proudly grown for 10 years now.  Not huge Buddha like, but still noticeable.

You might ask, what does it feel like getting one year older?

Well, it’s pretty simple.  I feel exactly the same as yesterday and a last year.  I’m still the same person.  My brain has developed into some strange CEO or religious personality, as that would just be scary.  However, I do feel that I’m a lot more positive and can see the better sides of life.

It has been an awesome day with many greetings appearing on my Facebook wall.  It really melts my heart when I get all these well wishes, even if Facebook might have encouraged half of them.  But, people have still taken the time to write a note, which is what really matters.  Many thanks for all this.

I wish myself a fantastic birthday and look forward to another year with my family 🙂  I’m proud being Danish, Irish and now American!

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