I’m in, are you?

It has been a while since I did charity work, or even took an interest in charity work, so now it’s time to kick it off again.

As previously posted, I’ve been involved in various charity activities in the past decade.  Not a huge amount, but enough to make me happy and proud of helping others.

Without boring you guys with the details of our recent move to the US, it has presented us with a lot of new challenges, and many great moments.  We recently joined a local group to support kids with Down Syndrome, are their charity to raise funds is the ‘Bergen Buddy Walk“.

The aim is to raise money so kids with Down Syndrome can get access to fantastic services, to help them develop further, and also to create awareness within the region.  It’s a great initiative – one that my family will support and participate in.

If you are around the area on Saturday 1 October, then come down and join us raise money and create needed awareness … plus spend some time with great people.

Local Heroes

If you are not able to come, then visit the web site and donate some money.  It feels great to donate for a good cause, and this one is very good.

Thank for for your support 🙂

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