House Searching

I loved the house we saw. It was very big it even had a swimming–pool … and a dog cage to do pee pooh. It s a very big house to live in.

The first one we saw was way to small. It was for 2 or 1 persons. It was that small. The rooms where nice.

I don’t like the house that we saw. It was big but it was gray. Sorry but I didn’t like it ok.

I sort of liked the house with red carpets.

I really liked the house with the barn.

I don’t know about this house we are going to see it now. Did you like this house?

I really like this house. This looks like a nice house. I hope we are like it. We all liked it. The best room was the big ginormeous nice red floor. That was the best. My mummy thinks the best thing was the big garden. My daddy thinks best thing was the big swimming–pool.

The last house was sort of nice.

For lunch we had a little party. I had a ginormeous meat ball. It was so big that I couldn’t eat all of my meat ball with pasta.

I made friends with John A and Uncle M. It was very nice. The best thing of it all was that we had fun. Uncle M and John A and me were laughing a lot.

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  1. Tweety Bird me gusta como escribes.uo leo todos los dias para saber que estan haciendo en New york.

    quiero saber si estas feliz! yo aqui en tu casa mi casa recordandote mucho, mucho , mucho te quiero Tweety Bird a ti a Mini-Dad y Princess. ME hacen mucha falta aunque aveces estoy triste , me alegra que esten en new york porque hace calor nadan en la piscina leen muchos libros con vuestra mami y tambien juegan la escuela , ademas ,van a comer helados , juegan con los perros , van a restaurantes que hacen comida rica . ademas pronto comenzaran la escuela e iran en bus adios nos vemos mas tarde

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