Educational Fair Share Revolution

In my recent blog, “Discrimination against my son“, you read how unfair our son has been treated when applying for a place in school.

The response and support has been excellent.  And, I can only thank the social networks for this.

How else could we have reached so many people?

Within 24 hours, my little blog site was visited by almost 1000 people and the article in question was read over 700 times.

People from all aspects of the media World picked up our story, such as:

…and of course all my friends and followers on Facebook + Twitter.

What can I say other than thank you so much for posting and circulating my article.

Did we want to take it this far?  Well, I’m disappointed that the school didn’t give us any other options.  I would have expected the school to fight for our son’s placement and SNA, instead of taking the ‘easy’ way out and just say ‘no’.

To be clear.  We have absolutely no interest in taking this further, other than get the problem highlighted and communitated in the news.  It’s important for other parents to hear and see that enough is enough.

The main objective is that the Irish government needs to be made aware of this problem.  Especially because they are meant to support the EPSEN Act which should provide right to education, whether the child is able or disabled.

The second objective is to make sure that other parents fight for their rights when it comes to their child’s education.  Parents might just take the easy option and accept that their child is not getting SNA or a place in a mainstream school.  We need to make sure that our kids get the chance to integrate and develop.

What are the next steps in the Educational Fair Share Revolution?

It’s your turn to take the lead.  If you know of anybody who needs support in getting their educational support for their kids, then promote and support them.  Send them my way or use any of the links above.

We need to help kids, able or disabled, so they can get a proper education – and get the proper support they need for their development.

Join the revolution and spread the work - Education for All!

One thing that I need to point out.  Yes, we are unfortunately leaving the country, and the main driver for this is because our son didn’t get accepted in mainstream school, and we don’t think he has much of a future in Ireland.

This saddens us a lot.  We have over the years fallen in love with Ireland and have made loads of friends here.  This is our home.  We have all our stuff here and our kids were born in Ireland – they are Irish.  But, we have to do what’s best for our family, i.e. our kids.

For the record, Judgebrix would never put his tail between his legs and leg it, but in this case, family priorities takes over.

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