Eye of the media storm – Educational Revolution

When we started the school application process back in January 2011, to get our son enrolled in the local school, we never envisaged that it would get to this.

What should have been a simple process to get our son enrolled, turned into a bit of a nightmare.

The enrollment process has taken a long time, and has left us distressed and frustrated on many occasions.  It has certainly made an impact on the mood in our little family to a point where we argued about the school … we both snapped and argued, only to realise that we both were arguing against the school and actually agreeing with each other!

Once the school expressed reluctance about enrolling our son, we had to discuss alternative options for the educational development for our kids; all our kids.

There’s one thing that I need to point out.  Yes, we are unfortunately leaving the country, and the only driver for this is because our son didn’t get accepted in a mainstream school. We don’t think he has much of a future in Ireland the way the recession is hitting the educational system and children in need. If a principal can openly discriminate against a child because he is born with a disability and get away with it, then our children are not safe here.

This saddens us a lot.  We have over the past 14 years fallen in love with Ireland and have made loads of friends here.  This is our home.  We have all our stuff here and our kids were born in Ireland – they are Irish.  But, we have to do what’s best for our family and in this case, what’s best for Christian. It isn’t an easy decision to make and leave everything you have behind. Your family. Your friends. Your house. Your support network. It is heart breaking.

For the record, Judgebrix would never put his tail between his legs and leg it, but in this case, family priorities take over.

It really surprises me that some people would question our intentions and even spread malicious rumours given the fact that we are emigrating. Some people even said that this case should not have been getting any coverage because we are leaving.

In short – that’s bullshit!  Whether we were staying or going, this had to be made public.  Not only for our sanity’s sake, but for all the thousands of kids who need support in primary schools and for all the parents who are attempting to enroll their disabled child in a mainstream school and are being discriminated against.

Our decision to leave was only finalised a few days ago. We got the visa approved and the communication to the school in question was sent immediately thereafter.  We have NOT attempted to mislead anybody. My wife has still not made up her mind if she wants to leave. Just because we have the opportunity to leave, does not mean we automatically will. But again. We have to think what is best for our son and our daughters too.

If the visa had been rejected, for some reason, then we would have to get our son enrolled in another school and we would still have to face the SNA issue.

So, now the news has broken and my little site is getting a lot more attention that I ever expected.  But heck, you are all very welcome to read about our lives.

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