Meal Plan; 4 – 10 April

Man! We decided to take a long weekend away with the kids. It has been over a year since this madness started, and it is important to get a break from the usual lockdown routines. We spend too much time at the house, limited (no) playdates for the kids, and only so many board games and books we can read. Not to mention all the movies we’ve been watching.

We packed our masks, summer clothes and set off to visit sunny Florida, where we spent five magical days sucking up the sun while clocking in close to 25 miles of walking. The streets of the magical Universal Studio and Adventure Island played host to our family getaway. And what a trip we had.

I’ll share some more details later, but it was a well-needed trip, and we rediscovered our laughter. More importantly, our kids had a blast. The smiles said it all. It was an opportunity for them to forget about COVID and try all the rides possible, eat shit food, drink soda all day, indulge in ice cream, and be kids again.

I gotta admit, we (the parents) had an equally amazing time. I got emotional many times as I witnessed my kids laughing and screaming with joy. What a magical time we had!

We are back to regular routines. School is starting up after spring break, and meal planning is back. Let’s get cooking and baking … and of course, grilling on the Traeger.

SundayFish galore grilled on the Traeger (of course) with sweet potato garlic spiced wedges
MondayBagels with egg saladTomato soup with bread pieces, and garlic butter
TuesdayYogurt and carrot buns, with lettuce and chickenLemon chicken with green beans, served with egg noodles
WednesdayTomato, cucumber, chickpeas and smoked chicken saladQuiche Fiesta; mushroom, gruyere, shrimp, broccoli, and cubed smoked ham
ThursdayBagels with egg saladTinfoil wrapped salmon fillets, baked on the Traeger with asparaguses and cherry tomatoes. Served with rice.
FridayCorndog cupcakesChicken Majboos (a dish from Oman)
SaturdayBBQ Time!! Rain or shine, we are firing up the grill … again!

You can nuke the food in the microwave or slowly defrost it on the kitchen counter. Once defrosted, you heat it gently on the stove or in the oven. Easy school dinners.

One day, I might get so organized that I will link the meals below to my recipes. We can only live in hope!

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