Bring on the COVID birthday party

Yet another boring COVID birthday in our household. This marks over a year since we had a birthday party for anybody. Each person had a less fun birthday during the 2020 lockdowns, and we have started 2021 with two lockdown birthdays – hopefully not more.

We have been celebrating within our family, but it is not the same for the kids. They need to play and chat with their friends and be kids. Not sitting on the usual spot in the house, listening to the out-of-tune family not-von Trapp singing the mandatory birthday songs.

The kids are being showered with presents, and we have extended their birthdays with a full week. They get an opportunity to pick what to eat, movies to watch, activities to do, and we remind them daily that they are now one year older …. 5 in COVID years.

To celebrate our youngest offspring, I want to share a birthday song. She’s 11 years old, so I need a cool song, fun, and not some obscure pornographic music video by Cardi B.

Honestly, I couldn’t find a song that is not too childish or too lewd, so I settled with a medley of 10 songs. I’m not too fond of any of the songs, but they are at least happy birthday songs.

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