Song of the Day: Love In An Elevator

Rather kinky and yet appropriate celebration of hump day this week.

I had just landed in the US, Washington State, to start my journey and adventure as an exchange student a few weeks prior to the release of this provocative album.

Flying 11 hours across the globe from the protected little country of Denmark, a slightly immature teenager, trying to live in a foreign country.  It was going to be a culture shock for me, and not sure my host country was ready for me 🙂

My English was based on watching Knight Rider, Family Ties, A-Team, Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, Miami Vice, Dynasty, MacGyver, Magnum PI, Highway to Heaven, and of course the famous drinking series Cheers.  Not to forget the numerous John Wayne movies I had watched with my dad.

It is fair to say that my perception of the US might have been a little skewed, especially Washington State.  Part of me believed that it would be similar to the Little House on the Prairie, and riding my horse to school.

Prior to arriving in the US, my knowledge of Aerosmith was rather limited, so you can only imagine my astonishment when I saw this bloke jumping out of the MTV screen on a Friday evening while hanging with my newfound American friends.

Not too sure what scared me the most, the huge mouth and lips, or the fact that he dressed like the guy from Silence of the Lambs (without the human scalp).

That said, this song kicked serious arse (the Irish version of ass), and it was a regular tune on the car stereo when we went cruising with the boys on Friday/Saturday evenings in the lowriders.

Ever since then, Aerosmith has been a stable part of my music library, and I happily lip sing to their tunes although I cannot imitate the largemouth movements.  Their music rock and they’ve been around for decades.  A true rock n roll band!

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