18 Years – then & now

I’m proud to say that I’m happily married, and have been with my wife for more than two decades.  We have a healthy and energetic family, and try to experience as much as possible with the kids.

Our journey started in 1997 when we bumped into each other in Dublin, Ireland.  It was a connection that was meant to happen.  We kicked it off quickly and started to travel Ireland and a few trips to France, and Southern Europe – we even ventured to Egypt, where we spent to fabulous weeks diving and playing Indiana Jones.

As the family grew, first with a few dogs, and then three kids, we have grown stronger together and been through great times, and unfortunately also experienced some sad times.  Such is life, but we have supported each other throughout.

Do we always agree?

Absolutely not, but we talk it through and still love each other.  If we agreed on every decision, movie, political debate, parenting approach, then it would be a rather boring life.  We grow stronger with differences and we adapt faster to new situations.

It is not a matter of winning an argument.  It is all about working together on achieving our goals, and helping each other to succeed.

We are a mixed couple and have experienced racial challenges.  Some insults hurt, whereas others are simply ridiculous.  I have always defended her, and laughed off drunk guys trying to intimidate me just because I dated and married a beautiful South American flower.

Life has brought us three wonderful kids, who each have inherited traits from both sides.  The fiery and beautiful Southern American flare, and the ginger/Viking stubborness.  I’m not sure I agree with the latter, but ok 🙂

18 Years ago we tied the knot a small ceremony in Denmark, my hometown, with very close family and friends.  50 of our closest celebrating with us, and we partied into the early morning.

Today, 18 years later, we still have laughs and enjoy a good celebration.  We might not survive as long into the night any longer, and I may do the granddad in the corner chair after 10.30pm. The joys of getting older.

When I fell seriously ill, she was by my side, just as we promised each other at the altar; through sickness and health.  She sat by my side and helped me through as I recovered.

I’m looking forward to many more years, and I’m confident we will have many more adventures. I cannot wait until we can travel across the US in a camper when the kids have moved out.

Love you to the moon and back!

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