Song of the Day: Find Me in the River

Have you lost faith or belief in yourself?

It is very easy to despair and only focuses on the negative.  It brings us to our knees and we fail to see the light that can help us pull through whatever dark moment we are in.  It fuels our anxieties and opens up the door for the Devil.  The Devil will (or your demons) will play games with you, dragging you further into the darkness.

We need something in our lives that give meaning and that can help in these dire moments.  It is only too natural, and in human nature, to be gloom.  We are emotional beings, and it can be our own worst enemy.

When I experienced heart failure almost two years ago, it was extremely hard to come out of the darkness that had surrounded me.  My faith had fully dried up and I was ready to give in.

It was at that moment that I started to believe, and I read some chapters in the Bible, listened to surmons by Max Lucado and found Zach Williams.

Delirious? wrote this wonderful and powerful song, Find Me in the River, and it represents what we might feel in those moments.  We are dried up.  We walk to the river to get replenished, and the river obviously represents your faith and believe in God.

John baptized people in the river, giving them life and hope, ashing away the sins.  Jesus followed and forgave our sins.

Don’t be ashamed or afraid to pray for help.  There’s nothing wrong with seeking out Jesus to help you.  He listened to me and gave me a second chance.

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