Why did I choose to get a new tattoo with ‘Yahweh’?

It was sometime early 2019, just when I was strong enough to leave the house and we went to Sunday mass when I heard the word Yahweh for the first time.  Our priest was talking about a personal relationship with God, and when we utter the name ‘Yahweh’ it symbolizes an intimate and loving connection with God.

In fact, Yahweh is only used in the Bible when talking about God’s personal relationship with people.  God actually introduces himself to Abraham and Moses as Yahweh, which should indicate to us that he is a personal God, seeking to have a relationship with his people.

It is the same God who was so love-motivated to know us and to be in a relationship with us that he sent his only son to earth as a human, taking the punishment and sins away from people.

This is our relational God!

We cannot and should not understand everything about God.  What matters most is that he believes in us and we should not be ashamed to admit it, and we should know that we can seek his guidance and help – at any time.

When I was alone, I thought, and people around me could not understand how I felt, or it was hard for me to share my anxieties, it quietly prayed.  It was (and still is) a source of guidance and a chance to repent.

Not that I have done evil stuff or strayed too far from the path.  More a reconfirmation that I’m still part of his plan and that I had lost my way.

He did not turn me away as I asked for forgiveness, prayers, and help.  I was lost and he showed me the way back and has helped me recover.  To me, his intervention has clearly healed my heart and allowed me to spend more time with my family, friends, and changed my outlook on life.

You might roll your eyes, smirk, and think that I’ve lost it.  And perhaps I have.

However, I have received a second chance.  Something changed in my heart that even my cardiologist did not expect, and I credit that to God.  Only he can create miracles.  I’m convinced that by me seeking out Yahweh, developing a personal relationship with him, has allowed me to continue my time on earth.

It is not yet time to go home, and I have plenty of stuff to experience and many people to love.  We are all here for a reason, and things that happen do so for a purpose.

That is why I got a tattoo for Yahweh, to proudly say that I have found God … or did he find me.  He believed in me and kept me here with my family.

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