Song of the day: Who Made Who

Let’s kick this isolation into overdrive and rock out!

I have been an avid AC/DC fan for decades, ever since I listened to ‘Fly On the Wall’ in my early teens.  It was an eye-opening moment for me and I have all their albums.

I’m proud to say that my kids have the same enthusiasm when I put on AC/DC.  It rocks the house and lifts the spirit in our lock-down household.

It is vital with a proper rock education for your kids!

I had the honor to see them live, back in 1992, and it is still one of my absolute favorite and best concerts I’ve ever attended.  They kicked arse for 2+ hours, and what an experience.  Angus Young was on fire and needed oxygen during the show.

Too bad they stopped touring.  If they hit the road again, then I’m bringing the kids!

Some of you might be too young to remember this album and missed the great Stephen King movie ‘Maximum Overdrive‘.

The iconic AC/DC shared their tracks as the soundtrack for the movie, and it is a super album.  It might have expanded their fan base, reaching more people, and might explain why they have been used in many other movies such as

The energy and crispy voice from Brian Johnson makes this tune worthy of a few extra notches on the volume control.

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