The Real X Force – Superheroes Emerges

In Deadpool 2, the main character Deadpool (aka Ryan Reynolds) recruited a new team of superheroes to combat the rise of the villain’s empire.  It was a band of unlikely heroes.  Some had limited actual superpowers (such as laser beams out of the eyes, insane strength, invisible, flying, etc,), and even appeared as rather plain civilians.  Yet, he was an important character in the movie.

These unusual heroes fought bravely and beat the villain in the end … sorry for the spoiler alert 🙂

As we have seen since late February 2020, superheroes are emerging from various corners of society, and many of these do not wear capes.  The frontline workers that we salute daily; nurses, doctors, pharmacists, truck drivers, and grocery store workers.

A band of unsung and often invisible heroes has emerged to battle the COVID-19 virus and helping thousands of patients around the globe.  Without these people standing up, it would be a much grimmer picture and a scarier reality.

In recent weeks, another hero character has emerged.  This character wears a white coat and works in trenches to find a treatment, or perhaps even a vaccine, for this evil virus.

Did you guys play Half-Life?

I give you the scientist who spends long hours in highly illuminated labs, starring down the microscope, developing cocktails that can fight the virus, runs thousands of tests, and tirelessly fights a battle for humanity.

These amazing nerds have created many treatments and vaccines in the last century to combat viruses like TB, Flu, HIV, Measles, etc., which have killed millions.

Fighting COVID-19 is another hurdle we need to fight head-on.  It will take time to come up with a suitable treatment or vaccine, but I have faith in these miracle workers.

Remdesivir is the first of these attempts, and it is showing very positive results during the trials.  It is not a cure, but important treatment to reduce the impact on moderate and severe cases.

A global team of scientists has come together on the Remdesivir project, to test with patients and fine-tune the drug.  It shows that the combined brainpower and collective efforts can combat anything.

Let’s praise this new hero that has emerged.  Let’s salute their work.  Let’s support them in their fight against COVID-19.

Thank you – Nerds rules!

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