Song of the day: Leviathan

I have not had time to post much the last week or so.  Time to share some great music.

Not because of health issues, thank god, but simply because of new activities that have emerged due to home schooling, Peloton adventures and excelling my cooking skills.

I do want to share this great track and video from my favorite band, Volbeat.  They has some serious rythms and tracks, and love the sound of Michael Poulsen’s voice.  It’s a great band.

I was scheduled to see them in NYC in May.  Unfortunately that experience has been postponed due to this fecking virus.  It was a concert that I had been looking forward to, and a concert that has been on my bucketlist for years now.

Oh well, it has been rescheduled and I will get to fulfil this awesome experience.

If you have not listened to Volbeat yet, please do yourself a favor and check them out.  They have plenty of videos on YouTube.

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