Laugh a Little – Live a Little More

It can be tough going through life.  We get hit with ups and downs, and sometimes the downs are happening more frequently which leaves us frustrated and depressed.  These moments affect everyone around us, negatively impacting relationships and work quality.

  • Will there ever be a moment where we can relax and just smile?
  • How do we get through these lows?

Well, firstly you need to accept that things happen for a reason and there is a greater plan for you.  A great architect who is determined to test your abilities and learn from these moments.  They will make you stronger and more committed … if you chose to learn from them of course.

My advice – we need laughter in our lives, even when we have shitty days!

Humor can disarm most arguments.  It’ll penetrate most armor, if it is delivered right and if the humor is not intended to insult.

I use humor a lot during work, with friends, and with family.  It is how I get through life.  We cannot take it too seriously or it will simply consume us with negative thoughts, stress and sleepless nights … or worse, medical challenges.

There has to be room for smiles!

That’s not saying that I’m not serious about work or committed to succeeding in what I do.  I simply approach life differently, and it seems to work for me.

If my wife is upset, I will use humor to cheer her up.  Yes, it can be difficult to apply humor in certain situations, and you should know when to use humor and when not to use it, and it may not work.  When applied correctly, I can see how humor changes her positively.  Her beautiful smile returns, she gets more relaxed, headaches disappear and we can talk about things again.

When my kids are angry or stressed with school work, I try to calm things down with some humor.  It relaxes them and we can focus on the tasks with renewed energy.

Most importantly, you should be able to laugh at yourself.  You should be able to make fun of your own imperfections and failures.  Other people might attempt to intimidate you with personal attacks, but if you can brush them off with jokes about yourself too, then they ‘attacks’ will be defused.

Long story short – a happy face makes a cheerful heart!

Laughter and humor can;

  • help you recover
  • suppress depression
  • open doors
  • make new friends
  • mend relationships
  • create love
  • help with motivation
  • increase learning
  • deliver business results
  • build bridges
  • eliminate stress

Try it – it will change your life … and live a little!

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