Celebrating Christmas

In recent years, and since moving to the US from Europe, Christmas has gone through a name-changing exercise and is now known as a ‘holiday’ or ‘winter’ celebration.  While it is a true statement that it is a holiday and that it is during winter, I’m still disappointed that we cannot keep the name Christmas to celebrate the Christian faith.

This trend has unfortunately spread back to Europe, and I’m seeing/hearing that Christmas is being renamed to holidays or winter fest as well.

I understand that we want to be considerate of others, and we certainly need to be respectful, but we should not be ashamed to say Merry Christmas.  We celebrate other religious holidays such as Hannukha, Ramada, and Diwali, and allow these to be fully decorated with proper names of the event … yet, Christmas seems to be frowned upon.

Funnily enough, most people I interact with, no matter the religious background, do not mind it is called Christmas.  So, who is demanding that it is renamed?  The Deep State?

While Santa is not necessarily part of the Nativity scene, it is still a big part of the Christian faith, and part of the annual ritual celebrated by millions on the 24/25 December.

A bright star rose on the horizon, the Wise Men traveled far to see the savior and found little baby Jesus lying in the manger, in the barn somewhere in the outskirts of Bethlehem.

The Christian faith did not start at his birth, but thousands of years earlier.  However, this is when the savior arrived to spread the Christian messages.

It is important that we teach our kids these traditions and stories, and not pack everything into the Christmas Santa story.

We can get too carried away with presents, baking cookies and decorating for Christmas that we tend to forget why we even celebrate this day of days.

As parents, and as part of the Christian faith, I do believe that we have every right to share this joy with the World, and also that other faith should respect this without raising the political correct flag for foul play.

I want every religion to celebrate their religion without being blamed or accused of insensitiveness and perhaps blamed for offending someone.

Serious note, if you do not like Christmas, Diwali, Hannukha, Ramada, etc. then do not participate in these events.  It is your choice to ignore, and it is also our choice to celebrate our religions as we see fit.

Let the Christian communities celebrate their holidays, allow the businesses to use Christmas without retaliation, and let’s keep Christ in Christmas 🙂

Merry Christmas y’all!

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