This is my Rescue Story

Zach Williams released his latest album not too long ago called Rescue Story.  You might have seen previous posts where I’ve been sharing the title track ‘Rescue Story’.

The overall message of the album is to focus on how we all have been rescued somehow.

Each story is different and each person has his/her own experiences on how they made it through.  Our stories are unique and have a special place in our hearts.

Trying to share a story, and expecting others to understand it, becomes difficult.  It is literally impossible to express the emotions and struggles you’ve gone through.

We have to focus on the outcome and celebrate that we made it.  We were rescued by something bigger and more powerful, and we have to acknowledge that there’s something divine by every rescue story.

I’m sharing my story on this page, and it has many chapters.  It is a mental release for me and hopefully helps others to also gain strength from my success, and that we can recover from illnesses, heart failures and other health scares.  Our ability to place our trust in God is something powerful, as it brings us a strong ally in the fight against the dark side … we are no longer slaves to fear!

Learning to be positive, helping others, supporting strangers and paying it forward.  Little gestures and hugs can bring a lot of joy, and you’d be amazed by how much it can contribute to healing and recovery.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, and nothing to be embarrassed about, to say that you now trust in God and that your renewed faith has brought you healing.

I’m a living proof that believing, if just recently, and praying, will give you rewards.

God healed me, of that I’m certain.

I spent many dark nights and scared moments, asking God for forgiveness and to allow me to spend more time with my family.  I asked why I was being punished like this.  Slowly I started to remove my anger and frustration, and focus on praying for healing.

At first, I was embarrassed to pray.  My prayers are my own and in my head.  I do not know any real prayers.  I just talk to God and ask him what I need to do to show my worthiness.  Our priest provided me some guidance on how to pray but confirmed that there’s no real formula on how to pray.  It has to be sincere and honest, then God will listen.

If you demand something, he will not listen.  If you are angry, he will not answer.  He will slowly guide you towards how to pray.

My prayers were heard and my heart made an almost full recovery.

Positive mental attitude is key!

I can honestly thank Zach Williams for helping me to find better ways to pray, and sharing my stories are my attempt to share my rescue story.

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