Viking Fueled Granola Bars

Just like millions around the World, I use the internet for inspiration.  We longer drive to the book store to buy books, but beg, borrow and steal from the biggest knowledge collaboration tool in history … Google.

For me, it is extremely helpful, as I can research healthy food options, read reviews on ingredients and mix n’ match ideas to make something I can call my own.

This new health train I’m boarded is awesome although I’m not a chef or nutritionist, so I rely on other people to provide some ideas.  Some call it cheating.  I call it using the competitive advantage 🙂

Not sure why, but I’ve always been fascinated by granola bars.  They are healthy, provide you with energy and beats hunger when you are having a long day.  I always thought it would be a hassle to make them.  They look simple, but I was certain that the appearance made it look hard.

I was determined to try making Granola bars, but not sure where to start.

So, I spent many hours searching and reading granola bar recipes (I know it’s sad) and made a few feeble attempts until I combined several thoughts from various recipes.

Bingo! Viking Heart Granola Bars!

The recipe has a core base and then you simply add the various flavors, nuts, and fruits to your liking. You can even make them seasonal.

Is it expensive?

Not really to be honest.  However, you do have some start-up costs as you gather the necessary ingredients.  When compared to what bars sell for in health stores and supermarkets, then I can make a batch for less than the cost of a couple of bars.

My labor and electricity are not included.

Does it take long?

Nope – I can mix a batch of granola bars within 10 mins and then bake it for 25 mins, and then let them cool. A free tip, le the granola bar mix sit for 15 minute4, at least, and then cut them into preferred size.

What’s the yield?

I can get about 15-20 bars from one batch, depending on the size I prefer and also which Granola bar I make.  Some are more filling and can be smaller in size.

Will you share your secrets?

Not yet.  I’m playing with the idea of selling my granola bars, with some heavy encouragement from my lovely wife.  If I shared the recipe, then I would give away my hearty secrets 🙂

The good thing about homemade granola bars is that you know exactly what you put in, how much salt they contain, and I can, therefore, say that my granola bars are super healthy and vegan-friendly.  Honestly, my bars have 10-15mg of Sodium, compared to store-bought that have 40-90mg of Sodium per bar.

So, why did I write this post?

Well, it is to encourage you to try your own skills in making homemade snacks and healthier foods.  It can be time-consuming, but I also use that time to destress and to relax.  On a really good day, my kids might even help, and then we hav=ng out as a family which is awesome.

Have you tried to make anything healthy?

Would you buy Viking Granola bars?

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