Heart Anniversary

One year ago, my heart and I went through a scary adventure together.  It’s hard to believe that it has been a year already.  How is that possible?

I feel blessed that I’ve been fortunate to make an almost full recovery.  It has not been an easy recovery and I would not have made it this far without help from my superwoman wife, kids, and close friends.

Despite my cardiologist’s excellent update this week, saying I’m almost at normal levels again with EF, stamina, and health, I do not feel the same as before.

I can comfortably state that I’m not back to normal.  What is normal?

The reason I say that I’ve almost fully recovered is that I’ve changed.  I’m not the same person I was 12 months ago.  I’ve learned so much in a short timeframe, and I’ve changed mentally, maturity and physically.

12 months ago;

  • My life was turned upside-down
  • I was bed or chair bound
  • I did not think I would survive Christmas
  • I was riddled with anxiety
  • Physically I could not walk more than 20-30 steps
  • Sleepless nights and falling asleep crying
  • Bleak outlook for a life as a parent

Fast forward 12 months – my life has completely turned around.  It has in all honesty been a magical transformation and my cardiologist contributes the transformation with my desire to live and make serious committed lifestyle changes.

  • Discovered healthy cooking
  • Change of diet and eating habits
  • Grew closer to good friends
  • Lost friends, but grew new friendship
  • Learned how to stay with, just by walking
  • Learned how to prioritize what is truly important
  • More empathetic and perhaps emotional
  • Wiser and stronger
  • Changed stressful work with meaningful work
  • Say goodbye to caffeine, sodas, sweets, etc.
  • Finally lost my “baby fat” worth 50+ lbs

I found God, or did he find me, and appreciated his guidance, and believe that he helped turn this boat around.  He instigated the miracle when my heart magically reverted the blocks, low EF, and reduced circulation.

WOW – the list continues.  It has been a transformation that has been nothing but positive … well, except that I now wake up daily around 5.45am, even on weekends.

My transformation has been a struggle at times, but worth every turn and milestone.

Remembering what I was 12 months ago, and now when I look in the mirror.  Two different people looking back at me.

I hope people around me can see the change, and appreciate this as much as I do.

Many thanks to all family, friends, and colleagues who supported me.  I love you all!

I’m so excited for the future.  I am the Heart Warrior!


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