I’m NOT a vegan

People are often asking me what I did to lose weight.  The simple answer is, I changed my diet and watch what I eat.  I have not started exercise yet, which is a little disappointing, but it’ll get there.

Despite me explaining what my diet actually is, I often get the question or statement “So, you are a vegan?!”.

NO, my friend.  I’m not a vegan!

Just because I eat more vegetables, healthier choices and more fish and poultry.  That does not make me a vegan.  It simply makes me a healthy eater 🙂

Nothing personally against vegans, but I cannot be associated with those people.  They are the fanatics of healthy eating and I strongly believe in a balanced diet.  We can’t survive on seeds, greens, fruits, and other earthly joys.

I’m sure a lot of people may disagree, but being vegan also increases the risk of other related illnesses, unless you medicate yourself on various extra nutrients and vitamins that you do not get from these vegetables.

Eating all the green stuff also increases the risk of exterminating endangered species, as we now compete for their food too.

this-is-why-im-not-a-veganAlso, I cannot go to a BBQ and not have meat.  I appreciate that we have options like Portobello mushrooms and Beyond Meat products, but it is just not that exciting.

We need to have burn marks on the meat.  We need to smell burnt meat and get covered in white clouds from the grill.

Throughout the week, we ear primarily chicken or fish and have on occasion ventured into more exotic meats like lamb, venison or filet mignon.  These meats a much leaner and less risky for your internal system.

Making life style changes does not mean we have to cut out all fun foods.  We prepare food differently.  We experiment with different herbs and get awesome dishes for all to eat.

Our transition to healthier food has not impacted our kids.  They love new options and eat just as much as before.

Yes, they love a nice lasagne with meat sauce, and yes I make it for them at times.  Eating some meats is healthy it is just the plate size that matters.  It all comes with responsible eating and smaller portions.

Size does matter when it comes to portions 🙂

I will admit, making dietary changes like we did does increase your time in the kitchen and does increase your monthly food budget.  Not by huge amounts, but you are forced to focus on your weekly food plans (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

However, it does allow you to spend more time in the kitchen with your family as well, assuming you can convince them to help out and learn how to cook with you … which I have not been successful with yet.

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