Song of the Day – Toes in the Water and Ass in the Sand

Date night – I love these opportunities where I get to spend some quality time with my wife, and just listen to cool music under the stars and relax.  I assume most couples would enjoy these brief moments … and with no kids 🙂

And before you go on a tirade, we love our kids and spend every moment with them.  But as parents, we also need to have downtime and just enjoy each others company.

We’ve chosen Bethelwoods as our venue of choice for concerts.  I will not go into details about how awesome the venue is, but it’s just fantastic.

Anyway, some months ago I felt the urge to have a concert date night and spontaneously bought tickets to Zac Brown Band.  I wasn’t too familiar with their music.  Honestly, I only knew one song really but felt it would be another awesome experience.

Listen, what better evening than sitting listening to American folk/country, on the lawn under the stars while sipping a few cold beers?

We were surrounded by similar minded people, all having fun and singing along.  I just moved my lips with no clue about the lyrics, but it made me blend in more.

Not too sure how many tracks they actually played, and it does not really matter.  These guys were true entertainers and made the evening worthwhile.

I bought my t-shirt and hat and was positively amazed by Zac Brown Band.  We will diffidently go to another of their concerts.

It is not always about the band, and you don’t have to be a super fan, just to enjoy music.

Nothing beats holding my wife’s hand, drinking beer, smiling and listening to music.

It does wonders for your heart(s) and you feel rejuvenated.  Try it!

Thank you Zac Brown Band for introducing us to your awesome happy music, and for making this a special evening!

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