Meat Eater Distressing

meateaterWorking through the aftermath, hell even the beginning, of my heart troubles was not easy mentally.  Sitting in a chair or lying in the bed does strange things to your mind, and you need something to distract yourself.  Otherwise, you go bonkers and you start having awful thoughts about what could have happened, and even worse, what might happen.

That is not healthy when you are trying to recover from a near-death event.

Yes, I did not die, but I was close to the tunnel, and the light was not visible at the end.  But, it was too close for comfort and I was not ready for it.

I Googled details about my diagnosis and my life expectancies, and it only makes things worse.  Google is bad!

I tried books as well, but every time I started to read any book, my mind started to drift towards doomsday thoughts.  I’m sure that even a Playboy magazine wouldn’t have taken my mind of these morbid thoughts.

So, time to seek out other forms of entertainment.  Something that could really distract my thoughts and something that would still be somewhat entertaining.

I had watched a large amount of excellent 80s action movies like ‘Cobra‘ – which does not require much brain activity to be honest, as there are no surprising plot lines.

While browsing all the various genres in Netflix, I stumbled across an interesting title of a series … “Meat Eater“.  Given I was on a very restrictive diet, where most meats were banned, I felt it was a good approach.

To my surprise, it was a hunting show.

I’ve always been interested in hunting, but never watched an actual TV series about hunting.  What made this show fascinating was the fact that it was different hunting trips every show, and the main guy also cooked stuff he hunted or fished.

So, it is several of my favorite hobbies combined into one show; fishing, meat, and food.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing what my 15-year-old daughter (and most teenagers these days) does most days – binge-watching Netflix show ‘Meat Eater‘.

It has allowed me to completely appreciate hunting, and the respect the hunters show the animals when they kill it and the ritual afterward to carve it up.  They also share experiences with how to prepare meats, and also their fishing rewards.

My mind it floating off to the mountains, the untouched nature and simply be one with nature for a few days.  It distracts and most times removes any shred of anxiety or worries I have, and let me rest and heal.

I’ve since bought a few of his books as well, hoping to explore the meals, and I’m sure one day I’ll get a chance to visit Alaska.

For me, ‘Meat Eater‘ has been a God sent TV show, and it is absolutely on my bucket list to one day go hunting with Steven Rinella.

Thank you, Mr. Rinella, for sharing your experiences.  It has certainly helped me in my healing process, mainly mental healing.


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