Song of the Day – This Is My Life

We all have songs that remind of our youth, special events, dancing with a hot chick, enjoying Dungeon & Dragons (the 80’s) with friends, or just songs that make us cheerful or perhaps reminds us of sad moments.

Either way, I enjoy listening to music from my home country these days, as it brings me closer to my family, and makes me a little nostalgic.

Let me present you, Kim Larsen.  He’s a true Danish legend and has made countless of wonderful songs.  You could say he’s the Danish Bruce Springsteen, writing and singing about life.

Unfortunately he passed away last year (2018) and I never got a chance to witness him live in concert.

I do have many of his albums, both as a solo artist and with his original band Gasolin.

This song reminds and reinforces my thinking, that this is my life and I want to live it to the fullest.  It has been fantastic so far, and I’m expecting many more awesome years with family and friends.

What is your go to music?

Music has healing powers.  Perhaps not all styles, but each to his/her liking.  I enjoy most styles although some are played for different events, depending on the occasion.

Have a great day!


  1. Dont you just get annoyed with sites where you post a comment, log in/sign up, then lose your comment? What did I want to say? Oh, yes! “Music is the song of the soul! It is universally appreciated, eloquent, and resonant of all we feel.”

  2. PS — My go-to music lately is a lot of “Where the streets have no name” and other songs by U2 from that time. I’m also a Foo Fighters fan. Grohl’s lyrics relate.

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