Talking About Hearts

talkingheartIt is great to see and read that companies support heart healthy conversations and promote activities to strengthen our lives.

February is heart month and my company has organized many events throughout the month. It includes sessions with dietary topics, supporting healthy meals options in the canteen, discussing fitness considerations and general heart awareness.

All this helps staff and colleagues improve lives further, but more importantly, it generates awareness around heart diseases.

If we know how to spot symptoms earlier we can increase survival rates, and react accordingly.

A colleague of mine, after reading some of my posts, felt comfortable sharing her recent scare. It was thankfully a false alarm, but it was good to hear that they took symptoms seriously and went to urgent care. She had pains in her left arm, but it turned out to be something not related to the heart.

She could easily have stayed home and brushed it away, but imagine if it had been her heart.

No matter our age, it is important that we listen to our bodies and react accordingly.

I’m very happy she felt comfortable sharing her story with me and even more happy that it was a false alarm.

Today we live.

Tomorrow is far away and everything can happen which is outside our control. Reacting to your body’s signal today will ensure we live.

Happy heart month and thank you for sharing your story. If we dare to talk about our heart with colleagues and friends, then we acknowledge that it is important and that we value each other.

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