A Miracle

What constitutes a miracle?

miracleI cannot explain how I got healed, but I know that my heart has reverted the complications and that is a miracle in itself.  But this sums up my experience of my miracle.

  • The doctor told me in November that he was 99% certain I would need a pacemaker and it was extremely rare that my heart would heal
  • A friendly stranger, out of the blue, decided to give me water from Lourdes, as it has healing powers
  • I’ve prayed to Jesus to be healed as I was not ready to leave, and my family needed me – just as I needed them
  • I received blessings and prayers while in the hospital, praying for my recovery
  • People at our church, strangers, prayed for me while I was at my lowest and throughout
  • My priest prayed for me regularly and was eager to hear about my progress
  • Close friends wishing me health and happiness, and speedy recovery
  • My work supported my need to rest and recover

A heart does not just recover from heart failure without some Divine intervention.

I cannot explain what happened, but for me, it is a miracle and a clear result of all my prayers and people praying for me. Prayers are powerful. They actually work!

My change of lifestyle and dropping excess weight certainly helped a lot too.  But I’m certain I witnessed a miracle.



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