Zombie Killer

zombie-slayerAs taking out of the awesome TV series “Walking Dead” my 4-year-old daughter walks around in the house with her Nerf bow over her back, ready to fight off intruders and other evil things that might appear in her sight.  She is just as skill full with her bow as the Walking Dead character Daryl.

She does have a motor cycle (battery driven) a flower-power vest, a cool bow and overconfident attitude as she strolls through the house aiming her bow at anything considers moving.

The other day I decided to ask her what she was fighting, to which she calmly answered “Zombies, dad!”.  I’m not a doom days prepare, but it is an important skill to know how to take down zombies, as with all the recent World epidemics and flu vaccine side effects, we (humans) will soon be responsible for a real zombie infection.  You can easily say I’m a loony, but I’m proud that my daughter is taking up this admirable trade.

I continued exploring my daughters hobby, and asked her where she played this zombie hunter game.  I should’ve known the answer, as it was pretty obvious.  She rolled her eyes and uttered “in school dad! With my hunter friends!”.  Not too sure how to react to that.

She continued “and some of the guys are vampire hunters, but I don’t really like vampires. They have bad teeth and hiss”.  Well, now I know what games they play in school, in pre-K, so I’m expecting a call from her teacher and principal any day now.

My only concern at the moment is that she aims her bow at people, which is a safety concern.  I’ve decided to teach her how to properly hold her weapon and how to aim … and not to aim at people only zombies.

zom,bie killerWhile sitting on my son’s bed, getting the kids ready for bed, my daughter suddenly aimed her bow at me and shouted “duck!”.  I was terrified and crashed to the floor in foetal position, while she let out a war scream and killed a zombie that apparently was right be hind me.  I was “saved” by 4-year-old daughter.

Perhaps we need to look at increasing her arsenal of weapons, just like “Supernatural” boys, with a large trunk of weird weapons for any occasion?

Happy (and safe) hunting my dear!

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