TFGI Friday

Man, having kids really changes your life and I’ve clearly stated that in the past.

I still remember when Friday nights were the highlight of the week, as that was when the party started.  We normally met up with friends early, cooked a lovely dinner and then it was hammer time.  No, not the music, but consuming alcohol, laugh and listening to very loud music.

It wasn’t a party if either the neighbours or cops didn’t show up to ask us to turn down the music.  We weren’t aggressive or causing trouble, just very loud.  The aim of the evening – have the time of our life and enjoying our youth.

After dinner and several unknown quantities of alcohol had been consumed, and at least one of the mates had made phone calls in the ceramic phone, we headed to the local boozer or nightclub.

We danced like head cases, not feeling the rhythm whatsoever and probably talking rubbish most of the night.  We didn’t really care about picking up girls, mainly because the smell of booze scared them off, but I think it was more because the words we thought of saying came out completely differently … thanks to the cheap booze.

The “evening” normally ended the next morning, queuing at the backdoor at the local bakery to get freshly baked bread for breakfast.  We rarely managed to actually eat it, but it was the best smell ever.

You want to know the scary bit?  We did it all over again Saturday night and then we collapsed on the sofa Sunday afternoon watching action movies and eating pizza.

It’s pretty clear that I can’t go a full weekend any longer, but I’m not actually interested either.  There’s also no question about it, most parents would totally agree that partying has been shelved and now we have different and more urgent priorities.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t wakely remember our wild youth 🙂

So, after a long week at work and school activities, I just want to pop open a bottle of red, feet up and listen to awesome music.  Not interested in classical or jazz, but something m a lot more calling like Volbeat or Mumford & Sons.  Sometimes it works, but 11/10 times it does and the true DJ stands up – my 3 year old daughter.

wreckitShe cranks up the volume on iTunes and the tunes from Wreck-It Ralph blasts through the house.  Screams fill the living room and suddenly the entire family is dancing techno to the Toy Story sound track.  We are laughing and playing.  I’m spilling wine down my work shirt and we suddenly realise that it’s time to make dinner.

It’s pretty amazing, these Friday nights are brilliant and they really let you wind down from a hectic week in the office.  You leave all the strange conference calls and project update meetings behind, and simple let your family take you away to some strange sugar coated land, while we eat popcorn and enjoy life … meanwhile, I sneak in the odd glass of red wine, so I can pretend being young at heart again when the alcohol hits my funny side of the brain.

Before we know it, it’s time for the usual bedtime routine with the kids, and the misses and I get some time on the sofa together, all while watching some stupid reality show and drifting away to never never land.

Oh well, no hangover tomorrow and we have morning swimming classes.

Have a great weekend! 🙂 🙂

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