Rollin’ the East Coast

Who better person to be your inspiration for planning the annual family road-trip than Clark Griswold – he’s the true family man who wants his family to experience the most awesome holiday … every year 🙂

hotdogYes, you can do it the easy way and fly to your desired location, but part of the fun is getting there.  Spending numerous hours in the family bus, trying to stay sane while singing along to the radio or reading books.  You stop at random places for the mandatory toilet visits and to take snaps of the landscape and other less cool features such as a giant hotdog.

Our kids are actually brilliant at travelling; flying or driving.  It certainly help that we have a huge Chevy Suburban, so we can split the kids into two rows and thereby minimize the amount of in-drive entertainment three kids can produce that might be counterproductive for the family-holiday-atmosphere.

We tried road trips several times in Ireland, seeing the famous sites and areas, and even drove from Ireland to Denmark (and return) for Christmas.  It’s the absolute bests way to see any location.

Our first family real road trip of the US was of the East Coast, going to Philadelphia, DC, Virginia and South Jersey – all in about 5 days 🙂

I know that this was in 2012, but I’ve meant to write these stories so many times.  Before going on our next adventure this summer, I decided to at least start it now.

While we were away, a local team of dog sitters came to the house and made sure the dogs were well looked after.

whitehouseDay 1 saw us heading towards Amish territory, going to see how the Amish people live and show the kids this part of the US.  I have to admit, we absolutely loved seeing how they lived, tasted their food and visited their shops.  Driving through the Amish country side is also an eyeopener as there are no machinery in the fields, just horse pulled old-school farming equipment.

Day 2 was spent in the cool city of Philadelphia, where we visited the historical sites of Liberty Bell, ‘We The People’ and jumped on the yellow tourbus that ends up going into the river.

Day 3 and 4 took us to the Nation’s capital, Washing DC.  Here we spent two days as there is so much to see, from the White House to the Smithsonian Museum.  We are coming to DC in the future.

Day 5 turned the nose back to our house, but enjoying the sights and scenery in slow motion, and we stopped many places to snap more family photos, eat great food and just enjoying spending time together.

Over the coming days/weeks, I’ll try to complete the post for each of the above days, and will over time update this post to these.

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