June 1972

With my upcoming 40th celebration, I’ll be releasing a few posts about the mighty Naked Viking, which might give a sneak preview into my past – at it might even explain a few of my posts 🙂

My parents welcomed 1972 with open arms.  They had long enjoyed the laughter of my sister, but it was time to become a ‘nuclear family’.  For those not familiar with the term ‘nuclear family’, it refers to a family of 2 adults and 2 kids … preferably a boy and a girl.

’72 – Dark Year

For some reason, 1972 comes up as a dark year in history.  Some twats decided to kill 11 Israel athletes at the Olympics, IRA set off 22 bombs, British paratroopers killed 14 people in Bloody Sunday and let’s not forget the biggest political scandal in modern times; the Watergate Scandal.

A little history

1972 was not only marred by violent events, but something good also is remembered.  As an example, Michael Jackson was still black, and mentioned in an interview that he wants to be like Sammy Davis Jr!

16 people survived a horrible plane crash in the Andes when Nando and Canessa walk for help – and find it.

A new hero and villain were born on the silver screen, with Dirty Harry and The Godfather being released.

Brando declined the Oscar and sent ‘Littlefeather’ to collect the award.

US ground troops left Vietnam, Nixon resigned and received a full pardon, while the war of cod starts between UK and Iceland (again).

The clothes design took new heights with flared pants.

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