The Beginning of the Naked Viking

During the mid-sixties, my parents bought a nice house on the outskirts of Svendborg.  Svendborg is one of the most beautiful sea towns in Denmark and is situated on Funen.

Growing up in Svendborg was safe and the house was located on a quiet cul-de-sac (dead-end).  The neighbors all started families in the sixties, so every family on the street became close friends or even an extended family.

I soon became a well-known kid among all the households, mainly because of my high level of cuteness, but also because I had tendencies to borrow tools from the various workbenches.

I was the smallest kid of the kids on the street, which meant I soon became a menace.  It was the only way I could gain access to their gangs, and it worked.

My dad was self-employed and my mum was working at the local bank. They often had friends over for parties.  All their friends have remained close family friends to this day.

Mid-seventies are still a little fuzzy to me, but I do have wonderful memories of my childhood, great family holidays around Europe in a camper and lots of time spent playing in the local forest.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve enjoyed playing – mainly outside or with one of the biggest Danish inventions; Lego.

I spent many hours building strange worlds, fighting battles and even making short movies.  Despite growing older, I still have this inner-child that loves playing games and toys, just hide it in public!


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