It’s that time again

My fellow men, and some extremely hairy women, it’s the time of the year where we have to come together and support another great cause.  This time, we need to look after our own health, which includes creating awareness for prostate cancer.

There are different ways to create awareness among the masses

  1. Create an ‘Occupy’ movement, which could be your local cancer support office or simply just an innocent coffee shop
  2. Create a profile on and ask people to donate money
  3. Grow a beard, if you can, during the month of November, and ask people to donate money towards this at times painful exercise
  4. Test your testicles regularly; DIY style (hands in pocket), sensual style (wife or partner) or the clinical style (local doctor)
  5. Get people involved at work, school or another random place, and ask them to support this create cause

Please avoid doing option 4 in public places, as you might get in trouble!

I have decided to support this initiative again this year, despite it takes me almost a month to grow a decent face carpet.  The worst bit is that it starts to itch a few days into the process, so people might look weird at me when I scratch my face on the nearest obstacle such as a door, pen, keyboard, someone’s shoulder or a tree.

Anyway, I would strongly encourage you to get involved and raise money for a great cause.

If you are in the 99% or 1%, you can be affected by prostate cancer.  So, support us men and help save lives.

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