And so it came!

Yesterday at work, I heard rumors that it was going to snow in our region – New Jersey Shores.  How could that be?

We’ve had a scorcher of a summer, Hurricane Irene kissed the shores and the famous East Coast earthquake caused some raised eyebrows and laughs across the nation.  Surely “The Day After Tomorrow” wasn’t going to start already now!

Well, it did start.  In Just a few hours we received a little more than half a foot.  Even the trees weren’t ready, and hadn’t shed all their leaves yet, so as a result their branches started to break off.  The meant the roads were like off road tracks, swerving left ‘n right to avoid getting hit.  Real life Carmageddon.

Thankfully we had just bought our kick-ass 4WD monster truck, so driving in the slush and snow was like cutting through butter.  All the small fancy sports cars and other wannabe 4WD SUVs were sliding all over the roads or not going at all.

Not too sure how the kids are going to survive the Trick ‘n Treat session on Monday after school, if the snow and cold air continues.  But, somewhat tells me that they’ll fight off the cold, with the adrenalin pumping in their tiny bodies and the over-exposure of sugar.

Happy Halloween guys!


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