Our Holiday In New York

On our first day I was very shy because my dad’s friend came he was being nice to me I became friends yesterday on Saturday we went to see houses. I will like to have a big room a red floor and I want to have swimming–pool. The houses were quite nice. Emily wrote this.

And today we are going to see more houses with Uncle M and someone else. I really hop we will like the other houses. We are going to have an other chance to see more houses.

Now we are playing .

I’ll tell you we are playing so fine. I’ll tell you how you play. You play a captain on the sea who is going to go in front of the boat and you throw a sock. And you have to throw a sock at the person and if you hit the person then you will get a point.

Today we are going shopping with Uncle M. And after we have finish shopping we will get to go to the pet shop to get some toys for my dogs. Definitely not a squeaky toy because my dog Snowflake he gets mad of the noise of the squeaky.

And now I burned my finger on hot water. It really hurt.

Yesterday we found a house to live in. We are going to see it.

And yesterday we saw are school. It was cute. Small but the best thing of the school was the stage. It was very big. I thought that it was needed for a real show that’s how big I thought it was.

Tomorrow I’m going to the biggest toy–shop in the world and then we are going to the pet shop to get toys for my we are going dogs . And on Saturday back to Dublin.

And now Mini-dad hit his head on the wall. This is how he fell. We were playing pillow fight. Mini-dad was on the corner of the bed. He was sliding of the bed . And there was a wall beside the bed and he banged his head and he was crying a lot. I didn’t get any attention and then he was watching toy story 3 – only the beginning of the movie. That was a sad story.

Now we finished eating food. He snook into the room and found the iPad and kept on watching toy story 3. He giggled when he got there. Now he is fine and happy watching his favorite movie.

He is tired and I’m tired too. We didn’t have time to go to the biggest toy–shop in the world. And by the way, we might not be able to go to the biggest toy–shop in the world. OK!  And tomorrow we are going to leave.

But the good thing is that we found a house to live in.


  1. Hola Tweety Bird me ha encantado todo lo que has escrito, de la busqueda de la casa en new york , la compra de los juguetes de tus perros. , lo que me puso triste fue que Mini-Dad se golpeo la cabeza. Hay una cosa que quiero saber tu nueva casa tiene piscina… MUY BIEN TWEETY BIRD SIGUE ESCRIBIENDO QUE ESCRIBES MUY BIEN,

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