Today was a good day

Today is a historical day in Ireland.

The President of United States is visiting his ancestral home in Moneygall (an area completely unknown to most people on this planet).

… he even met a distant cousin in Moneygall.  I wonder if they are Facebook friends?

After having spent close to 45 minutes hugging people, kissing babies, shaking hands and laughing with locals, he did what so many Irish people do after a good day’s work – he went to the pub.

Now he’s really Irish … and he paid for the pint as well.  There’s always time for a pint!

What an ad for Guinness?

At least he didn’t fly the Marine 1 to Phoenix Park, as that would be flying while intoxicated.

Did I mention that The Beast got stuck while exiting the US Embassy.  It was climbing out of the drive way and came down on the sidewalk, only to get stuck.  Too heavy for the Irish roads I guess.

He then went to greet the waiting crowd on College Green (estimated numbers of 100,000, and had a great speech.

Oh, I forgot.  The couple also visited the President of Ireland at Farmleigh, planted a tree and spoke with the Prime Minister.

I’m glad to see that Mr. Obama had time to visit this beautiful place, talk to the people and try a pint of Guinness.

Welcome Home Mr. Obama

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