The Big Lady

I can’t believe that we are already back in the Big Apple, home of the Big Lady herself – The Statue of Liberty.  It has been only two months since we left New York with an opportunity to move to the US.

You can say a lot of things have happened in these last months.  And, now we are back.

So, to make this a true family experience, we travelled to New York again, with the entire hobbit clan, to find our future house.

We flew out from Dublin and spent a mere 7 hours in cattle class, on a fairly run down Delta plane.  However, the anticipation was growing among the younger family members, as we approached the enchanted shores of the US.

As we prepared to land, I looked out the window and spotted the Iron Lady, standing at the entrance to the Hudson / New York.  It was actually an amazing sight.  I’ve never seen her before, but suddenly I was overwhelmed with emotions and I now know how the immigrants in the last century most have felt.

Welcome to the land of opportunities.

Outside the airport, our small SUV (+ driver) was waiting for us, to take us to the hotel.

… more to come about our house hunting tour.

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