The day heavy metal turned Disney

Heavy metal has always been part of my youth and life, so you can imagine the horror when I discovered that my daughter was listening to Lady Gaga.  Something had to be done and fast.

It is very important for me that my kids get a proper rock education.  It’s a bit like ‘School of Rock’, just without us playing instruments.  We stick to air guitar and drumming on pots/buckets.

Most of the “metal” bands nowadays are just pop acts trying to look tough. They are totally missing the point.  The lyrics are too meaningful and their cords are too clean.  It’s just too perfect.  Bloody hell, I’m sure the lads in these Disney bands actually shower and eat healthy food.

I’ve accepted that it’s difficult to find decent heavy metal music these days, but I was somewhat amazed that a Bon Jovi song (It’s My Life) and Van Halen (Jump) made it to the Glee show.  Well, I’m not saying that they were or are heavy metal bands, but they were still part of the 80s rock scene.  But what really surprised me was how low AC/DC could sink by letting the Glee cast cover “Highway to Hell”.  That was the day heavy metal turned Disney.

Real heavy metal was more than cool. It had death defying lyrics about death, maiming, mum, war, education or fighting the system (the man).  The real metal dudes from the 70s and 80s rock bands can’t even remember those years.  They never showered and only lived of smokes and alcohol.  Lemmy and Ozzy are examples of two metal heads that were drunk most of the 70s. They only started to recover in the 90s.

As part of my rock education program, I’ve been trying to find music that would encourage the kids to raise their hands, do the metal salute and bang their heads to the rhythm.

I have long been searching for a proper heavy metal band, and I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally found a band that is more than capable of fulfilling the heavy metal criteria.  You’ve gotta listen to Volbeat.  No point waiting, go to iTunes and download their albums.

The proudest moment was when my son and daughter suddenly, while listening to Volbeat started spontaneously to head bang and dance wildly.  Hands in the air and miming along. They even played the air guitar.  I almost started crying.  This was a kodak moment.

Just to remind some of you lads out there what heavy metal is, here’s a selection of pure metal bashing and head banging goodies.  Admit it.  You like it too.

Ace of Spades

Breaking the Law

Shake Your Foundations

Creeping Death

War Pigs

Kickstart My Heart

Welcome Home

Run to the Hills

Metal on Metal


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