1 – 2 – 3 – GO!

Today’s the day, were we embark on a great adventure that could change the appearance of me, and something that I have been contemplating for months.  The eyes of the people around me are upon me.  Love and happiness from my nearest will work out with me (obviously just from the comfort of the armchair.  In the company of “Wii Personal Trainer” and plenty of towels, I will bring the destruction of unwanted fat cells scattered around my temple.

My task will not be an easy one.  My fat cells are well trained and resistant to most exercises.  They will fight to then end, making sure you stay a unfit daddy.

But, today is the where I say “No More!” – “It’s time for change”.  The coming weeks will seriously challenge the fat cells and their capacity to battle.

This will be The day where people around me will start looking at me differently “Look, who’s that amazing looking guy pancaking on the sofa?!”.

The fitness freak will prevail and I will accept nothing less than full victory!  I have full confidence in myself, my courage and devotion.

Wish me luck!

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