My life as a Sex Symbol

Last time I saw my knees, without cheating with a mirror, was in the late 80’s, when I was training hard in high school for American Football and Baseball.  It was so easy to stay fit back then because all my mates were in the gym too.

For years afterwards, I spent hours and days in the gym or doing exercises, only to look good.  But for what reason?  I was a handsome young man already, with or without the babyfat.

Gaining weight came natural and easy to me, because I love food.  And, when you find the love of your life, it is so easy to gain even more weight.  When you are relaxed, enjoying yourself, then you just savour food more – and eat more.

yeah, right!

I’m still fairly fit, somehow. I’d still love to tighten up a few of the lose hanging bits and convert the one-pack into a flatpack – all in the comfort of my own home.  I can’t stand working out in a gym somewhere, looking at all these sweaty people and the smell it comes with.  People would probably just envy my body or wonder how I let it get that far.

So, in the name of technology and fitness, I purchased the “Wii Personal Trainer”.  That means I can be a stay-at-home-after-work-fitness-daddy.  I’m sure the kids will be mortified when they see floppy (me) in the corner, bouncing the fat in front of the TV.

Heck, the main reason I do it is because I’m fed up having to stretch my neck, looking over the belly, just to hit the toilet while peeing.  And, the fitter I get, the more outdoor fun I’m going to have with the kids and indoor with the missus 🙂

In true fitness freak spirit, I’ve created a calendar (with the help of “Wii Personal Trainer” of course) to help me get in shape —–  2 days training – 1 day rest

The program kicks off on October 1 and it will last for 30 days.  I’m already looking forward to the first day of rest.  All in the name of vanity, my wife and I tested the program/game thingy the other evening for a mere 16 minutes.  We were shattered afterwards.  Just sitting on the sofa in our undies, sweat dripping of us and black dots on my vision.  Took us about 30 minutes to get back to somewhat normal breathing.

If I’m not too wrecked, then I’ll attempt to document the progress in my blog.

Fitness is not everything.  I have to change my diet slightly too.  This means, eating one normal sized portion instead of a mountain – no beer – no crisp – no sweets or chocolate.  HELL!!!  Is this what HELL is like?

I will suffer for 30 days just to keep you guys entertained!  I refuse wearing a girdle just to keep in the Michelin tires around the hips!  It’s time to show myself as a true alpha male and get fit.

— hash it all the way and share your results on Twitter on #daddyfit


  1. I love it!! LOL! I have a Wii as well and need to get on board with this training! Thanks for the visuals and the laughs! Good luck from one fat ass to another!!

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