Fat Free Sunday

OK, it’s day 3 of my fit daddy program and it seems to be working – somewhat.  Keep in mind, I’m not going to the gym and I’ve not signed up to some extreme food diet either, which normally includes full body detox and coffee enemas.  My program is purely daily exercises (nothing over the Rocky top) and less food.

The first week of my program has seen me dwindle away.   I’ve lost an staggering 4lbs, just by eating smaller sized food portions – it’s that easy.  Exercises schedule hasn’t even kicked in yet.

But, like any other activity you undertake, there are plenty of challenges along the way, where you have to make some though choices.  During the week, I was offered plenty of chances to be unfaithful to my daddyfit scheme, opportunities to gauge on gorgeous food or other treats.  I prevailed, and only tasted a few of them.

Yesterday evening, while relaxing on the sofa with the missus eating super light fuck-all fat popcorn, we happened to see a program about obesity.  Why, I have no idea, but it certainly made me even more determined to lose my Michelin tire (waste).

Here I am, a young man trying to lose weight, and then you see some women in Mauritania who force feed their kids just to get them fat.  Being a fat/overweight woman in Mauritania apparently shows how well of the family is, and men in the village will queue up to marry your slightly obese daughter.

In one country we try to get thin and in another they try to get fat.  Can’t we just swap metabolisms?

Anyway, my quest to become a fitter daddy continues.  I’m must conquer this challenge.

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